Okay so I sent a letter to the Yogscast (top left hand corner) a little while ago, and I was just so happy that I actually sent something to my favourite member: Rythian (I sent something to martini too don’t worry Martyn :3)

A few minutes ago, my mum came home with an opened envelope like ‘Hey Sweetie, here’s a letter’ and I was like ‘Wow so much excite’ so I say down and pulled it out and saw this Simon riding a pig like wut this is amazing XD but no one really knows about my obsession that’s would send a letter..hmm..who could it be? (I wondered, hehe)

My mum then said ‘Guess who it’s from?’


Thank you so much Rythian! You have no idea how absolutely happy this makes me :’) seriously that’’s just the best Christmas ever, and probably the best gift too :3 good luck on the stream! And have an awesome Christmas!


(PS. guyssss please try and let him see this, I would love for him to see my thanks >_

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